Sexual Abuse-How Many?

I wonder how many. 

How many of you have been touched without giving your permission? 

How many have been physically, emotionally and sexually assaulted by someone who thinks it’s their right to abuse your rights?

How many of you have hidden the truth to protect yourself from the guilt and shame that isn’t yours to own?

How many have been silenced through fear of being rejected, outcast and not believed?

How many have thought that somehow they must have enjoyed it or wanted it because they went back, couldn’t escape, or their bodies reacted naturally to touch? 

How many are unable to trust in relationships or feel they aren’t worthy because they feel broken, worthless or insignificant? 

How many of you need someone to believe you, to talk to; a place to cry, a space to bear your truth, to remember your worth; a word to reassure you, a voice to say ‘I’m sorry this happened to you’; a day to be gentle, an hour to be heard, a moment to heal from a lifetime of many? 


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