Good Enough Mum/Counselling in Purley/ Couselling in Sutton

Motherhood can be a struggle, especially those first few months after giving birth.

Hormones are all over the place, emotions of joy and exhaustion and expectations of ourselves as new parents can be become overwhelming.

Becoming a mother can be a time where we really start to judge ourselves about whether or not we are doing things in the correct way, comparing how we look and how we are coping, there is constant internal dialogue on whether or not we are “good enough”!

Am I supposed to be feeling this way? Is he/she meant to be crying for this long? Have I fed them enough? Winded them enough? I’m I too clingy? Am I not clingy enough? Why do I feel like this? When will I fit back into my jeans? Does he still find me attractive?

The list of doubts can be endless and thinking about how well we are doing as parents can be exhausting in itself.

Then we have to come to terms with the the fact that for some of us our bodies will never be the same again. With society pushing images of perfect bodies all over social media it can cause us to not feel good enough in our skin.

We are in a place where we are discovering a whole new identity for ourselves as being a mother and coming to accept the changes that come along with this huge responsibility. We are also having to accept the changes that our bodies have gone through in order to produce this gift of life.

It’s easy for others to say or to try and say to ourselves, “I wear my stretch marks with pride” . It can be a difficult reality to accept. We have gained a precious child but it can also feel as though we have lost a part of ourselves that helped us to identify to who we are other than being a parent.

The most important thing is to try and be gentle on ourselves, how do we do that?

We are none of us perfect, in our parenting or in the way we look. Most of us would like to be able to change something about ourselves and change is good, but for the sake of self care, self love and sanity, keep reminding yourself that......

“ I am good enough!”


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